Provision-ISR is an Israeli CCTV brand, specializing in reliable, high-quality, competitive-priced CCTV products. Along with a professional after-sales support and a strong marketing team, we are a company who understand the business of CCTV.

A team of experts in both our Israel and China headquarters assures our quality products by component sourcing, overlooking manufacturing, and QC process on the finished products; competitive prices are the result of our own production in China.

Today, Provision-ISR is a fast growing company with official exclusive distributors worldwide, who are working as partners to promote the brand in their regions while developing new designs and technologies with supreme guidelines of high quality and competitive prices.


Provision ISR productsare strictly controlled by our Israeli engineers for top-quality components and high standards only.

2 Year warranty:

Low RMA rates allow us to support our clients with long warranty while providing creative solutions on dealing with your RMA services.

One stop shop:

We are a One-Stop-Shop for all your CCTV product needs. We have managed to create a full range of CCTV accessories matching all types of CCTV installation. We understand the need for tested and reliable CCTV accessories and set high quality standards to all products.

Technical support:

Our expert Israeli technical support team is prepared to answer all questions, and address technical issues or demands. We also offer how-to-tutorials to support you and your costumers on site.

Marketing assistance:

We offer marketing assistance to help you promote your business with Provision-ISR: International exhibitions, marketing materials, staff seminars and more.

Business of CCTV:

We at Provision-ISR understand both the installers and the distributors needs. Our experience enables us to offer creative ways on dealing with any market demand. We are fluent in the language of CCTV and security as we aim to establish a reliable and confident business relationship with you.

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R&D and Support Offices:

11 Atir Yeda St, Kfar Saba, Israel

Postal Code: 44425

Tel: (972-9) 741 7511

Fax: (972-9) 745 7182

China Offices & Warehouse:

No.101, Block 1, Huanuo Building, Chiwan 6th Road,

Nanshan, Shenzhen

Postal Code: 518068

Tel: (86) 755-2686 1420

Fax: (86) 755-2602 8430

USA Offices:

600 Sandau Rd., Suite 600, San Antonio,

TX 78216

Italy Offices:

Via Albert Einstein 71, 52100 Arezzo, Italy

Tel: 39 0575382687

Logistic Center LATAM:

Calle 2da., Avenida 3ra. France Field

Zona Libre de Colón, República de Panamá

Logistic Center EU:

Orionweg 6-8, 4782 SC, Moerdijk, The Netherlands

Tel: (31) 10 2995 750